The Word Fairy was created because there are a lot of services that  authors need. They might not know they need them yet, but once they've have used them, there's no turning back.

Our Series Bible is one of the most popular services that we offer. Not all authors keep copious notes and when they are writing a series, they forget extremely important points.

We are developing new services all the time and they are dictated by the needs of the authors around us.

Proofreading is overlooked by many but is the final building block in the novel writing process before hitting publish.

 To cut costs, some authors don't send their book to a proofreader after so many rounds of editing and changes, but it is vital. As much as we can't see our own mistakes when we write,

our editor will have seen this book so many times that another pair of eyes for proofreading is paramount.

Book Bibles are a list of everything from each book in your series.

This can be used for a standalone book or we can read your series. It's particularaly useful when writing a series over a longer period of time as it will be an easy way of tracking personal details etc.


We will take down these points and put them into a 'Bible" for you to keep for your records.

It can be repeated after each book in a series has been released and we can just keep updating the bible for you.

This can help you to remember key points, especially when writing a series.

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