Krissy V tells her own Whiskey Sour Story!

So, I went to a Burlesque course last night. For research purposes of course!

Last night was the first night of a 5 week course. We had to wear shorts and tights, or clothes for a dance class. Oh and high heels! I haven't worn high heels in years so it was going to be very interesting.

This is me before the class. Calm, collected and not red in the face!

This is me before the class. Calm, collected and not red in the face!

I met my friend, Kelly, in Temple Bar and we headed to the studios to register and see what it was all about. We had to use an intercom to get in and then had to descend 2 flights of stairs where we were met by a guy with long hair surround with vinyl records on the wall. He guided us to the studio where we had to wait for the teacher. Bear in mind that today was one of the hottest days this year and there were 18 of us in a dark, velvet lined walls, room. We were roasting.

The teacher, Lisa, arrived and she was beautiful, flexible and has an amazing figure. I was thinking, "Okay, am I really going to do this?" Luckily the class wasn't full of really 'skinny minnies' so I wasn't the oldest or the biggest in the room. I might have been the least flexible though, ha ha.

The warm up was brutal!!! There are no other words to describe it. Bearing in mind I haven't done any exercising in a long time, it was hard. It was mainly core work as opposed to cardio, but it was still tough. My thighs are going to burn long into this week. We worked up a sweat and then we eventually moved on to the chairs. The burlesque class we are taking is for 'Chair Burlesque' for beginners.

Chair burlesque sound easy, right? You sit on a chair and lift your legs up one at a time in a sultry and sexy manner. You might even get to dry hump the chair. WRONG! That is not what it is about at all. Chair burlesque is beautiful, classy and very sexy. There is nothing smutty about it at all.

It was hard to remember all of the routine, but when we separated into groups you could really see how it all comes together. Kelly and I had so much fun and the best workout I have every had.

Check out our red faces after the class!

Check out our red faces after class!

This is the routine we were learning this week. Next week we will be expanding on it.

Click to watch the routine that we learned this week.

Burlesque Week 1 Routine

Let's hope the pain later in the week isn't too much to bear.

Will I be going back next week? Hell yeah!

Would I recommend it to my friends? For sure!

I think I will definitely be using the chair for a routine in one of my new Whiskey Sour books. I have only got 3 characters left to write stories for though. Hmm - Blue? Zephyr or Raven? I think I know - Raven!

Want to find out more about the Whiskey Sour series? Just click on the link.

Whiskey Sour Series

If you are interested then check out the Irish Burlesque School's website for more details.

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