Cover Reveal & Pre Order Killing Me Softly

Killing Me Softly

Coming August 27

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A strong, kickass woman who kills men for a living. Can she find love?

Holly Sinclair is part of an elite group of women who work for a secret, confidential section of the government. She’s an assassin - the black widow of her troupe.

She has killed eleven people before they even realized they were dead. She can get into someone’s life and out again without being detected.

When her next mark has been given to her, she feels that this is different but she doesn’t know why. Owen Castle is a good looking alpha - she’s met lots of alpha men like him. She’s killed them before. They fall harder but she’s never failed yet. She doesn’t intend to fail now.

What is it that sets him apart from her other marks? Probably because she’s HIS target as well.

These two professionals are attracted to each other, but does it mean anything when they have to kill each other?

Can love win through? What happens if they manage to stay alive? The government will be looking for them. Can they live their lives on the run?


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