Summer with You Anthology is available and FREE for a limited time!

Summer with You is dedicated to all the magic of summer. An amazing group of authors have come together to share deleted scenes from novels you love, prequels, and even peeks of upcoming stories. The common thread weaving these stories together is the fun, heat, and magic of summer.

We hope you enjoy this collection, and in these pages, you find your next favorite author, along with great stories from those you already know and love.

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Jennifer Woodhull Author

Author Chiquita Dennie

Author Anna Brooks

A.K. MacBride

Casey Hagen

Bella Emy

Author Heather Slade

Jessa York

Rene Webb

K.L. Humphreys

Claire Raye

Eva Charles

Alexia Chase

April Canavan

Stacey Lewis

Kelsey Cheyenne

Rachel Leigh

Harlow Layne

Terra Kelly Author/T.M. Kelly

Author C.G. Burnette

Jasmin Miller

Author Krissy V's Books

Denise Wells

Rachel Radner

Ellie Masters

Hope Irving - Author

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