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Whiskey, the first book in the Whiskey Sour series released last year and Snow, the second book, is releasing soon. Keep watching this space for news of the new release.

As an incentive to read Whiskey to catch up on the series, Whiskey is now only $0.99c until the release of Snow!

Whiskey - First Book in Series

When Whiskey runs away from home she has no idea what will happen to her. She goes through things that nightmares are made of, but makes ‘friends for life’ along the way. Fed up of running away from everything, she decides to stand up and be counted. Her philosophy is “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

Sawyer Callahan has Whiskey for one night. That’s all it takes for him to fall for this sassy, beautiful, sexy woman. What lengths will he go to to find her? Will he find her in time? Will she want him if he does?

Follow Whiskey’s harrowing story as she embarks on her own Whiskey Sour journey to become owner and the namesake of ‘Whiskey Sour’. She comes from the school of hard knocks. She is sassy, headstrong and

becomes a mentor and confidante to her burlesque dancing protégés...

Whiskey Sour is her salvation and it too, soon becomes a haven for women who need rescuing from their own pasts.

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