Till Death Us Do Part

When you meet “the one” take Cassie’s advice and keep hold of him.

She didn’t do that and She regret it every day of her life!


Jordan came into her life and turned it upside down and inside out. Then Cassie let him go and he turned it upside down and inside out all over again.


What happens when your life moves and you haven’t? Regret – that’s what happens!



True soul mates will always fine each other. Sometimes fate has to step in and intervene however traumatic it might be!


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What would you do if your best friend told you not to get involved with someone? Would you stay away? What if you are asked to not get involved with someone who you have an instant attraction to? That makes it a bit more difficult!


Now what if you are asked not to get involved with someone who is your soulmate and you feel it the first time you meet? Would you stay away?


Kammie and Luca find themselves in this situation and they try to stay away from each other, but they just can’t help themselves. Is it the right thing for them to do? Will it make them both happy? Or should they take the advice given to them by their best friends? Follow Kammie and Luca on their rollercoaster ride of emotions and find out if soulmates are really meant to be together!

Have you ever wanted to leave your old life behind and start again? Do you feel like your friends are taking advantage of you and your situation? Do you ever feel like you don't know if your friends are real friends or not?


Meg feels like no one wants her friendship for who she really is but for what she represents, so she makes the drastic decision to leave her family and friends behind and make a new start on the other side of the world.


Follow her as she meets new friends and makes new relationships based on her new life. What happens when her two lives collide? Will her new friends want to know the old Meg!