Krissy V

I hated English at school! Really hated it! I gave up on English Literature in fourth year because I hated writing stories; couldn’t make them up to save my life. I hated writing precis and I was horrendous at grammar. Having lived in Norway when I was younger, English was my second language.


When I received my iPad six years ago I started reading on the kindle app and wrote to an author about how much I enjoyed her book. That opened up the whole facebook author world to me. I started reviewing books (ironic, right?)  and then started beta reading (even more ironic) after pointing out some big mistakes in a book plot I was reviewing before release.


I realised I had a story in me, yeah I know everyone says that, but I really believed I did. Eleven books later …. Welcome to the world of Krissy V!


I love romance. I love the thought of falling in love. I don't mind how it happens :- clean, dirty, fun, dark, forced or consensual. I love it all.

Therefore, there is nothing better than writing about it. I can control what happens, when it happens and, more importantly, how it ends!

The only other thing I love is an HEA (Happy Ever After) so I guarantee that all my books will have HEA's, one way or another. Not matter how long it takes or how many good or bad things have to happen before the HEA,.